November 24, 2010

Where is Bill Johnston's Scrapbook?

Updated April 2013
The Holy Grail for Bill Johnston researchers is locating his lost scrapbook. Bill started the scrapbook while in jail in Albany in 1839 and added notes and clippings for the rest of his life. One of the last entries is said to be a newspaper notice about his eldest brother Andrew's death at 103 in 1866. Andrew died just a few months before Bill.

November 17, 2010

Windmill Battle: 3. Small British Gunboat Stymies Hunter Invasion

While Colonel Nils von Schoultz unloaded raiders and munitions from the Charlotte of Toronto at the windmill mid-morning, November 12, 1838, the other Hunter schooner remained stuck in the mud. It held the bulk of their supplies, including several large cannon. General John Birge, in his only meaningful involvement of the battle, attempted to free the grounded ship.

November 1, 2010

Windmill Battle: 2. Bill Johnston Helps Hunters Raid

After Colonel Nils von Schoultz ordered the two schooners being towed by the steamer United States cut loose, they sailed downstream under a sliver of moon. Guided by just the loom of the shoreline, the helmsmen sought the lamplights of Prescott, Upper Canada, the target of the Hunter invasion.