February 12, 2010

About this Pirate Bill Johnston Blog

Bill Johnston was the most colorful character alive in the 19th century in the Thousand Islands region. He fought in the War of 1812 for the US, sided with the Canadian rebels in 1838, smuggled successfully for decades, and created newspaper headlines wherever he went. The British government spent millions trying to capture him or to defend against him. In his day, he was as infamous as Osama bin Laden (though not as deadly or ruthless).

I am one of the small fraternity of people who research the life of William "Pirate Bill" Johnston. Over time, this site I have summarized as much biographical and supporting info as I can find on Bill Johnston and his family. (More info can be found in my published biography of Johnston.)

While much is known about Johnston, mysteries remain to be solved. You can find these under the Mysteries topic category. If any readers can solve a mystery or provide clues, please let me know.

Bill Johnston is also the central biographical character of my historical novels, Counter Currents and Islands of Love and War.

Though much is written elsewhere about Bill Johnston, some is incomplete and much is wrong. This site relies on primary and secondary sources for info, and only the best tertiary historical sources, to bring you Bill Johnston's life story free of political slander and fanciful illusions.

This site is a companion site to Raiders and Rebels. That site includes stories on Johnston as well as his contemporaries. The Pirate Bill Johnston site acts as a repository for all Bill Johnston posts from Raiders and Rebels plus information not posted there.

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